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Rites of Passage

In the African-American community, our youth are faced with many challenges that they must overcome in order to become productive citizens. UUNIK academy, Inc. has a rites of passage program that is dedicated to transforming African-American youth into respectful and respectable African-American adults.

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UUNIK Academy’s funding is based on the generosity of others; therefore, we are seeking your support in helping us reach our goal of $15,000.

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This program really made a difference in my life. Your kids learn so much like what their rights are if they are stopped by police, how to manage money, how to eat healthier, and how to make their own cleaning supplies. They visit colleges, go on field trips, learn about their history and get help with their homework! Free tutoring and they do community service as well. Joanne Dixon, parent of UUNIK male participant
At first, I was hesitant about attending the meeting, but as the meeting started I loved it! Mr. Reggie Jenkins opened a new view in my eyes for “black is beautiful.” I saw myself, and my brothers and sisters of my community as beautiful masterpieces. Elena Kendrick, 12 yrs old, 2016 Calling All Females Attendee
I like UUNIK Academy because you get to meet different people, tell them some of the things you know and learn something from them as well. UUNIK Academy has taught me discipline and how to respect my elders. I have grown a lot while in UUNIK Academy. Roy Moore, 12.